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The Worst Thing Kangogo Will Cause For Continuing To Hide Exposed, See What Will Happen

The hunt for Kangogo is still in progress as fresh details emerge on daily basis. We have fresh details emerging on daily basis as detective continue to assemble any minor information in probe for Caroline Kangogo. We have a lot cooking in the seek for Caroline Kangogo who has continued to outsmart officers

As this happens, LSK CEO Mercy Wambua has intervened in the probe for Caroline Kangogo revealing how she is worsening things for continuing to hide. Wambua exposed the harm Kangogo is causing to herself revealing what will happen after that;

"At this point the concern is that if she continues being on the run, she poses a risk to other citizens, since it is understood that she is armed," Wambua said.

Wambua urged Kangogo to surrender the weapons she's possessing pledging to protect her rights. This happened as Wambua said that she enlisted Khaminwa to to stop arrest and possible murder of Kangogo so that she can have the opportunity to turn herself in. 

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