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Bodaboda Man Tricks a Girl he Was Carrying Into His House Then Forcefully Slept With Her

A Boda Boda operator in Lamu county has left one family seeking justice after he forcefully slept with their young girl and now threatening to kill her. The man who is currently in his late 60s is said to have slept with the young girl aged 9 years after her parents left her alone to go back home.

The Boda Boda operator had been trusted to take the young girl home after attending her Madrassa classes. According to the family, while on the way, the body guy made an abrupt stop and tricked the young girl into his house where he forcefully slept with her then bought her monetary gifts to buy her silence when she reaches home, he also threatened her of not revealing the story to anyone.

The man then continued with his journey of taking the girl home then embarked on his duties. Unfortunately, the girl revealed the ordeal to her parents, this made the Boda Boda operator so angry that he promised to kill the girl. It has been days since the girl last went to school fearing the attacker might end her life. Locals are now calling upon the government to come and help the situation.

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