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Structural Requirement of a Calf Pen

A calf pen is a house used to house a young of a cow . The requirements are fraught free The calf pen should be constructed in a such a way that the wind side wall is completely solid. To prevent cold wind's .

Leak proof roof . The roof should not leak to avoid wetness in the pen. Wetness encourages disease infection such as pneumonia.

Proper drainage. The area where the pen is to be constructed should be well drained. Poor drainage causes dampness in the calf pen. Some calf pens may have slated floors to facilitate drainage

Proper lighting. The calf pen should be properly lit . The front wall of the calf is covered with wire mesh. This allows enough lighting . light is necessary for the synthesis of vitamin D.

Single housing . The calf should be constructed in a such a way that they allow for only one calf pen per pen . This prevents calf's from licking each other which may cause formation of hair balls in there rumen.

Adequate space. The calf should be large enough to allow rooms for exercise,feeding and watering equipment.

Concrete floors. This makes cleaning easy.

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