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Inside Indonesian Tribe When Women's Fingers Are Amputated When They Turn Widows & Reason Behind it

Every group has its own culture, yet some civilizations are strange, such as the Dani tribe in Indonesia. When a member of the tribe's loved ones die, the upper half of their fingers are removed to keep off ghosts.

Finger cutting, they believe, keeps the deceased restless soul at bay. It also represents the anguish of bereavement. The bizarre ceremony was outlawed by the Indonesian government a few years ago, yet still continues in secret.

It's still unclear when the ceremony began or why it's exclusively conducted on women and not men. The ritual, on the other hand, is conducted by a close family member while grieving.

The way the amputation is performed is the most painful component. A stone blade is used for amputation, alternatively it can be done by chewing the knuckles to weaken them, then cutting off the circulation using a piece of rope tied around the finger.

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