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Captured Cobra Escapes From Busia Police Station, Whereabouts Unknown

A man was recently arrested for smuggling of wild animals after a Cobra was discovered in his car. The three-meter long Cobra was in a brown bag which at first, police suspected to be contraband substances.

Picture courtesy.

The man had been stopped at a cross border checkpoint in Busia before he tried to flee from his vehicle. Upon inspection of the vehicle, police discovered a Cobra and everyone had to make a run for it.

Picture courtesy.

The animal was taken to Busia Police Station where it has been staying since. However, when Uganda Wildlife Federation officers came for the animal yesterday, it was nowhere to be seen.

3 meter King Cobra. Picture courtesy.

Residents of Busia Town are now living in fear as the snake is known to be very dangerous. Given how big it was, which scared even the officers, you can understand the residents' fear of the animal.

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