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I Slept With my Husband's Friend After Having a Fight, Later He found Us on Our bed, Winrose confess

Winrose is a young mother and she is blessed with twins. Her husband relocated to Nairobi for work and left her back at home.

Her husband by the name Joseph, he left her while she was pregnant and he was unware about it. When he was informed about it, he never talked to her again.

The husband escaped from his duties for one and half year and during that duration, Winrose looked for a man who would help her raise the children together and she invited him to his husband's house.

The man took the responsibility where he used to feed the children and later he impregnated her. "To make things clear, the man was a close friend to Winrose's husband."

When it was almost two years, Joseph went back home to look for his children. It was at 11pm where he knocked the door and his wife went to open for him where she was very shocked to see him. He saw the man who had been sleeping in his bed and when he wanted to attack him, the man run away.

Joseph explained that he will never forgive his wife for betraying him with the man whom he took to a driving school and reffered him as a friend.

Winrose explained that the reason she opted to cheat on him was because he run away from his duty as a husband. For now she is pregnant with the forth child from her previous husband.

"I will never get back to you and take the responsibility that is not mine, please forgot about me,"Joseph said.


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