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Popular Chips Mwitu Vendor Makes Emotional Appeal To KeNHA Over Eviction Plans

Internet sensation Bevalyn Kwamboka, a roadside chips seller, has sent a passionate message to the government over plans to expel her from where she runs her business.

During a meeting with a local TV station on Friday, October 8, Kwamboka sent a poignant message deep from her heart appealing to the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) and the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) not to evict her. She sentimentally portrayed that the chips mwitu business is her main means for survival and even supporting her family. She hysterically claimed that the business was begun during the pandemic period when her sister with a little child and their provider had no other source of income. So they began the business at the roadside with just Ksh1,000 and an extra loan of Ksh200.

She noticed that she utilizes the proceeds of the business to support her education. Kwamboka is a fourth-year student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Education at Kenyatta University.

In a sympathetic tone, she appealed to the government not to evict her as they would have ended her source of income and even constrain her to return to their rural home.

"What I can tell KeNHA is that however much I sell chips here, I have not affected anything, I have taken precautionary measures by putting an iron sheet even to keep off smoke from destroying the footbridge. This (alluding to the business) is my mother, this is my father, this is my husband, this is my work," she expressed. "If I stop this business, I will call off my university education and simply return to my rural home since this is my everything. If KeNHA comes that will be my end, I will have no other alternative than simply move out of Nairobi."

In a response to one of the web-based media users who had tagged KURA concerning her business, the government agency had named the chips mwitu business as banned.

"This is unapproved and an encroachment to passerby freedoms, the footbridges and walkways are intended for pedestrian passage and not any type of business," read a passage of the assertion.

In one more message directed at Jubilee nominated Senator Millicent Omanga, the 23-year-old clarified that she did not intend to sound ungrateful.

She said that after Senator Omanga posted that she had given her money she started getting calls from everywhere individuals requesting a share, some other friends who used to fund her began pulling out their help, and even her mother had to request that she move back home because of the messages she was getting.

"A day after Omanga posted her tweet I began getting calls from new numbers advising me to proceed to start a greater business. Somebody called my mother and told her that I have been given huge amount of cash advise her to change her phone number and even move out from where she right now dwells to avoid being attacked," she expressed.

"It turned out to be too much, so I needed to clarify to stay away from such countless calls. I was such much thankful that she furnished me with the umbrella, that was what I required, however the issue of cash has made many individuals who were supporting me turn off," she emotionally said. Responding to the negative remarks about her dress code, she likewise clarified that she doesn't have any bad intentions  however her objective is to sell chips and earn enough to get by toward the end of the day.

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