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One Thing Donholm And Langata Residents Have In Common

Kenyans living in the Nairobi have experienced the most during this season of daily rainfall and extreme power outage. if it is not the hiking rise in transport fare, it is the muddy roads they have had to deal with while trying to get to their workplaces during the week. One particular area in Nairobi have had it rough amidst all this trouble, the residents of Donholm Area. The residents have complained of experiencing a pitch black power outage every time it rains. Where after little to no response being received by the Kenya Power and Lightning team, they took to Twitter to complain of the five day blackout they have experienced. They complained of their never ending dose of blackout from the power company who have made little progress to addressing that situation. The Donholm residents have joined the Langata residents in their outcry against power outage every time a dark cloud of rain hovers in the skies.

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