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"Huyo Contractor Ashikwe" Kenyans React After A Tall Building Tilted Towards Adjacent Building

Contracting a building more so a storey building is one of the things that normally require a lot of dedication and keenness. This is because it will be hosting people,offices and even big supermarkets immediately it reaches a completion.

One contractor has caused a lot of reaction after a certain building was reported to have tilted towards another adjacent building a long Waiyaki highway.

According to the reports by the Ma3rout on their twitter handle, they stated that the storey building which have been under contraction today tilted and collapse on the spot.

This has caused a lot if reaction as some are wondering who exactly should be blamed on the said issue. Whether the contractor is the one to be blamed ,the site engineer or the supplier of all the materials being used on the site.

However, some individuals on the other side went straight to blame the contractor demanding for his immediate arrest for putting people's life in such danger.

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Ashikwe Huyo Kenyans Ma3rout


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