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Road Accident

Groom Attached to River Enziu Accident Reveals Why He Was Determined to Throw Himself in The River

A couple that was supposed to solemnize their marriage on the fateful day Enziu River accident occured have revealed how they learned about the accident and the deaths of their loved ones. According to Mutua Mbuvi who was the groom on that day, he has revealed how he lost ten members of his family and also how the message about the tragedy was broken to them.[Photo Courtesy]

They had already exchanged vows but he suspected that something was not right after seeing people consulting in low tones. His best men were also consulting with the priest that was officiating the whole ceremony.

The news about the tragedy was then broken to them after the priest finished officiating the ceremony. They then hurriedly took a vehicle and drove all the way to the scene of accident. He was shocked to see the bodies of his family members displayed on the river bank.

After seeing the bodies which mainly consisted of his children and grandchildren, he was tempted to throw himself inside the water. He felt like life has no meaning again and he found no reason to live. He was however restricted by the authorities from doing such a thing. However, he says that he do not regret about holding the ceremony because it meant alot to his Christian journey.

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Enziu Mutua Mbuvi


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