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Details Emerge As Killer Kalio Makokha's Parents Seek Answers To How Kalio Was Freed From Jail

Parents to the Kiriri Women's University student-Christine Ambani Killer Kalio Makokha are bitterly siding blame to the Police officers and detectives for the release of their dangerous son. The parents to Makokha are claiming answers as to why their son was given freedom from the the police custody without even their consent. Makokha has been alleged with several killing crimes with the latest being reported on 27th July 2021 where he stabbed his girlfriend Christine Ambani to death.

Following the sequence of events leading to the death of christine Ambani, DCI reported that madam Christine left from so as to meet her boyfriend Kalio Makokha at Githurai. So on her arrival to Githurai, Christine was booked into a room where her suspected boyfriend stabbed her to death. After murdering the University lady, Makokha is reported to impersonated Christine whereby he took her phone and texted the Christine's family members requesting for Ksh. 87,000. So she requested this amount claiming that he wants to refund her boyfriend-Makokha for he helped her in settling the school fee.

Makokha is further involved with the death of his older brother, his siter-in-law and a 1-year old son by burning them in a house. It is revealed by the Standard and local journalist who spoke to the father to Makokha that, the parents thought Makokha was in jail for killing the three persons only to be surprised via the TV news that he had been freed. Its however after his release from the jail that Mkokha again attacked the mourners and the grieving family disgruntling the burial plans and committees. Furthermore Makokha is said to have threatened to harm his mother after he demanded some money from his mother who told him to be a little patient. His father testifies that his disobedience and indiscipline behavior begun while in his teenage making him suffer several school transfers.

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