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Lady Gets Conned 52K Thinking Lover She Met Online is From Britain

A Kenyan lady was conned of 52,000 shillings after the lover she met online convinced her that he was from Britain. The lady thought that she had found her soulmate and would soon strike gold.

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The 28 year old lady, was promised by the man that he would send her some gifts to prove his undying love for her. The gifts would include gold necklaces among other things that the man was claiming to be sending.

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A few days later, she gets a call from a man who claims that he is working with the customs department of JKIA. The man advised her to pay 52,000 shillings to facilitate the clearing of the items that she had received.

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Ecstatic at the prospect, the lady deposited the money and a few days later, was on her way to JKIA to pick the package. Unfortunately, the man's phone went off, and that's when she realized she had been conned. She reported the matter to the police at JKIA.

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