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Today: Gedion Moi Gave A Newly Wedded Couple A Chopper Ride In Iten During His Visit

Gedion Moi who is one of the top One Kenya Alliance (OKA) principals has suprised many people in Iten after giving a ride of a plane to couples who were exchanging vows. Later own Gedion Moi went on with his campaign in Iten saying that despite distraction from rain he has managed to talk to the people of Iten he recognized Iten as a source of champions were most athletes rise from. He said that, "sports is a critical social entrepreneurship venture. Therefore, we commit to improving athletic infrastructure and uplifting the lives of athletes through commensurate remuneration to their toil and hard work in the tracks. Despite the heavy rains, I am glad that the residents of Iten - the home of champions - came out to acknowledge our greetings." Earlier in the morning he had visited Tambach high school where his father Daniel Toroitich was teaching before he joined politics 

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