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Chaotic Scenes in Muranga as Police and Revellers Battle it out After Police Raided them Merrying

Police officers in Muranga town had a hard time arresting revellers who were caught taking alcohol past curfew hours.

According to reports, the police raided joints at around 7pm and found revellers having a good time.

In an attempt to rescue those already under police custody, they lit bonfires all over the town in an attempt to disrupt police from their duties.

In a video circulating on social medias, drunk residents are seen struggling to get off the police land cruiser with the help of other revellers.

Watch video here.

Police who threw teargas at them could no longer control them due to the bonfires that they called for back-up.

Firefighters from Murang'a country response unit responded in time and put off the fire lit using tyres.

Government guidelines in an attempt to control spread of Covid-19 through the Ministry of Health directed that all joints especially bars should be closed by 7pm.

However, it's many clubs across the country that have been operating despite the regulations.

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