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Greed For Money And Pressure From Friends Landed Me In Jail; Woman Narrates

People fail to understand that we are all abled and blessed differently.Lack of contentment may land us into trouble whenever we run other people's races.Penninah Mongo shares her experience with us.

Speaking in an interview with Simon Kibe a host of Njela_ini Ciitu a program in Inooro Tv,Penninah is from Kitui.She is also a mother of one and has a brother.Penninah moved from Kitui County and went to Nairobi in search of greener pastures.There she started hustling and even became a business woman.She started with selling clothes which wasn't too bad but she later got tired of it.All this while,she was living with her kid and all responsibilities were on her.

God helped her and she even started selling building materials.Her business was doing really well but looking at her friend zone,she was so much behind than her friends.She knew very well that her friends were involved in drug trafficking but had never tried it.At some point she became greedy and the urge to enlarge her business grew.She opted to traffic drugs as a side hustle since it would earn her more money.

She joined her friends in their illegal business but it didn't take her too long since on a certain day she was arrested while trafficking the drugs.She was allaigned in court and after judgement was made,she was jailed for ten years.It was very hard for her family to accept the bitter truth but they finally did.Being in jail has not been easy but Penninah has learnt the hard way.She warns people against wanting to be like their friends not to endanger their lives.

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