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Did Muranga Bank Robbers really die In Shootout or Was It A cover up story?

In recent days, the story of Muranga Bank Robbers who were killed has been bothering me a lot. Many Kenyans too and IPOA were also alarmed when the DCI Kenya took to their page to post that the thugs had been killed in a fierce shootout with the police.

Surprising as shown in the photo below , the two thugs are handcuffed and this means they were harmless and already in police custody.The guns which they had previously stolen from police officers in two different scenarios and used in the heist had been recovered too.

The contradiction in this story has led me to suspect and take this as an extra judicial killing. However the explanation later revealed that the robbers had been caught in their hideout and had been told to guide the officers to where the stolen guns were. When the thugs in company with the police went deeper into the forest, their partners attacked the police and this led to their death in the fierce shootout. However, no police officer was even bruised while Kamau, one of the thugs received 9 fatal bullet wounds, 3 in his head and 6 in his back as confirmed after postmortem.

In my opinion, this appears to be a cooked story to cover up for the death of this robbers. The explanation may have offered a relief to the media and IPOA but to those with a quest for justice and truth it is not a doubt that investigation should continue to dig out the real cause of their death. Robbers or not, they have a right to life and justice as any other citizen and no law should be used to protect a different kind of breaking it. The family of Kamau is also questing for justice for they expected their son to be arraigned in court only to get later reports of his death.


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