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Bravery? Saddam Hussein's Mocking and Fearless Last Words Before He Was Hang To Painful Death

Who is Saddam Hussein?

Saddam Hussein is the late Head of State for the Republic of Iraq. His Excellency the late Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq for more than two decades,that is, for twenty four good years. The late Saddam Hussein still counts amongst the most influential and celebrated Presidents by the members of the public across the world. He was finally executed to his painful death.

Why Was Saddam Hussein Executed?

It was through a United States invasion that the late Saddam Hussein was toppled. Saddam Hussein was later executed or hanged to his painful death after being found guilty of the 1982 killings in Dujail town that led to the Killin of 148 Shrites. Saddam Hussein also carried out crimes which were found to against humanity and thus the execution ruling was laid against him.

The Last Words Uttered By Late Saddam Hussein

According to close eye witnesses,the late Saddam Hussein was fearless even after the execution sentence was ruled out. In accordance to how he responded to questions,that is according to reports,the last words uttered by Saddam Hussein can be seen as harsh as well as mocking.

Just before the rope was put around his neck,Saddam Hussein shouted,''Allahu Akbar. The Muslim Ummah will be victorious and Palestine is Arab!'". See full details of Saddam Hussein's last words on the below screenshot.

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