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Kenyans React to BRT Station Being Constructed on The Speed Lane of Thika Superhighway

The Bus Rapid Transport, BRT, system is soon to be launched in Nairobi to ease up on the congestion that happens daily. This will ensure that there will be less traffic jams on the road and Kenyans will get to their places of work in time and cheaply.

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According to National Transport and Safety Authority, the BRT system will be very beneficial to the people of Nairobi. Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority is responsible for the supervision of the construction of the project.

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Kenyans, however, have noticed something entirely different in the construction of the system. This is because, the bus station of the electric bus that will be ploughing the Thika Superhighway, is on the speed lane.

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It is not yet clear how this will work as the speed lane is a very dangerous lane for not just motorists but pedestrians as well. How people will alight and move from this lane to where they can walk home has not yet been made clear.

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Collins Kopite: You Kenyans behave like you know everything, Addis Ababa and Dar Es Salaam have BRT stations and they're working good.

Nyerere Odanga: Get yourself busy bro. Leave government projects alone.

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What do you think about the BRT system on Thika Superhighway? Let us know in the comments section below.

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