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Police Officer Allegedly Killed Amidst Tight Operation By KDF

A few days ago, Kenyans were shocked to learn of an attack on police officers who were on the trail of bandits on Turkana where eight of the officers died.

The young men who were in the General Service Unit were ambushed by the bandits and killed on the spot with two civilians and a chief of the area.

The government sent in a response unit to the attack with the Operation Rudisha Amani being launched a few days ago and already reporting good progress.

This evening, according to the available reliable reports that we have with us from Marsabit County, another attack has been witnessed on police officers.

One cop shot dead and one more genuinely harmed in a banditry assault at Qubi Qallo in Saku constituency,Marsabit province recently .

As per reports,the officials were brushing the region in a mission to recuperate unsubstantiated number of domesticated animals supposedly taken not many days prior.The security officials were trapped by scoundrels and one killed on the spot ,his partner truly damaged.

As per police sources the body of the official has been taken to Marsabit reference clinic funeral home and greater security officials conveyed to the region in a going full speed ahead activity intended to flush out and crackdown the no-nonsense desperados .The harmed official has been traveled to Nairobi for treatment.

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