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Road Accident

Daredevil Men Photographed Transporting Gas Cylinders On Motorcycle.

Pictures of a man carrying a gas cylinder on a mortobike on Friday have left many people shocked.The scary pictures, taken by a concerned driver in Nairobi shows two men on a bike with one of them sitting on top of a yellow cylinder.

The fearless men where cruising at high speeds unconcerned with the potential danger they were posing to pedestrians and motorists.

After noticing that their pictures were being taken, they became angry and confronted the driver of the car as seen in the picture below.

Companies that transport Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), commonly referred to as cooking gas, are required by the law to have special permits, machines and personnel to handle it.

The Explosive nature of LPG makes it very dangerous and people are advised to avoid exposing the containers to high pressure and heat.

In case of a crash, the contents of the cylinder might cause a fire leading to injuries or death. Motorists have been urged to be more careful while on the roads and report such kinds of reckless behaviour if they encounter them.

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