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One Rule You Should Always Have in Mind Before Building a Fence or a Wall Around Your Residence

The Kenya National Construction Authority, has clearly defined rules that define how construction of different buildings, based on purpose and location, should be done. In the National Building Code 2020, the authority puts in place laws and instructions that must be adhered to and maintained in coming up with a residential or commercial structures. Here is a law that has caught my eyes while I read the document today and I thought I should share. This is about erecting fences around buildings.

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The government states that any boundaries, fences or any other means of enclosures should not be more than 4 ft tall if it is within a street. The rule however allows for an extension of additional 2 ft if the residential building is in some other place other than the ones defined precisely for the 4 ft closures. Here is a screenshot of the rule from the Building Code 2020 document produced by the National Construction Authority.

This means any enclosure or fences around a residential building should never go higher than 6ft. The reason behind this is not well stated the document but it's probably for security reasons. A wall around residential buildings should give room for emergencies like allowing rescuers for easily find a way in or out incase something erupts from inside the compound. This is a rule that has been broken by many out of ignorance.

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The document also provides more details on construction related requirements and rules, most of which if not we'll adhered to could lead to demolitions by the government authorities. It is therefore important that you read the compressive document before starting up a construction, anywhere in Kenya. These rules are more strict in urban areas, but for security of your property, it is advisable you stick to them anywhere unless you won't mind hard earned property being demolished. The documents is available on the National Construction Authority (NAC) portal and is accessible to every Kenyan, free of charge.

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