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Divorce Affair

"I Cheated, Lied That My Husband Abused My Sister and Got Him Arrested" Woman Confesses

Nzola has confessed that she cheated then lied that her husband had abused her sister so as to get him arrested.

Nzola says that she met her husband in 2012. They fell in love at first sight and decided to stay together as best friends.

Since Nzola was an orphan, they took in her younger sister and her husband started paying school fees and all other expenses for her.

They stayed peacefully but with time, Nzola fell in love with someone else and cheated on her husband. The marriage got boring and she wanted it to end.

She didn't imagine walking out of the marriage and leaving the luxurious home they had built together.

She set a plan to frame her husband. At first, her younger sister was against the idea but after much convincing, she agreed.

Her husband ended up spending 6 months in jail but was released for lack of evidence.

Nzola is now begging her husband to forgive her. She says that she has become lonely and regrets the ugly plan she made.

Her husband on the other hand says that for the 6 months, he lost his job and dignity and it will take time to heal and forgive his wife.

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