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Governor Susan Kihika Highlights Her Solutions To Water Shortage As She Attends COP27 Function.

Water has been a very serious crisis in the country Kenya.Various places in Kenya,most people face the water crisis which sometimes leads to death due to starvation on consumption of water.

Governor Susan Kihika,has taken to her twitter page posting that,cities and continues are at the frontline in the face of water challenges.She has stated this after attending the COP27 meeting.

The COP is the supreme decision-making body of the Convention. COP27 is the 27th meeting on climate change. The first one was held in Berlin in 1995. The COP meets every year, unless the Parties decide otherwise.

Governor Susan Kihika has further stated that during the meeting,there are solutions that the body came up with,in order to build resilient water systems and ensure safe,secure and inclusive water and sanitation services for all.

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