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Fare Likely To hike High In Nairobi As From Today

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Matatus are the most common form of public transport in Kenya, with tens of thousands operating in Nairobi alone. The scrapping of fuel prices ,which took effect on Wednesday last week, increased the price of petrol in Nairobi by about six percent to a maximum of almost 135 shillings per litre.

And the cost is set to rise further with the introduction of a near five percent excise duty on fuel from October 1.

"The increase in fuel is just ridiculous, it shows that the government is not in touch with the reality on the ground, how do they want us to survive," said James Mwangi, 42, a second-hand car dealer in Nairobi.

The increase in parking revenue has come as the second blow to motorists and psv users in Nairobi just in a space of two weeks’ time.

This is after the Kenya Revenue Authority announced that public Service Vehicles operating in Nairobi will now pay between Sh5,000 and Sh10,000 in seasonal parking .

And the new rates start to apply from today . “Notice is hereby given to all Public Service Vehicles that following the resumption of full carrying capacity on August 16, the seasonal parking charges shall be adjusted to full carrying capacity for all PSVs with effect from September 25,” KRA stated.

So this means an increase in fuel prices and increase in parking rates means it's going to be messy for psv users as the fare prices are likely to hike high in new month .

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