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World's Most Dangerous Railway Routes

1. Pamban Bridge in India

The sight of a long railway track above the sea level merely makes it fun but so scary.

2. Bandung in Indonesia.

3. The Devil's Gate track.

Movement of a narrow-gauge track on a mountainous area is quite unusual. It is a 7.2 kilometer track at a hight of 195 metres above the sea level.

4. Thai Burma Railway in Thailand.

Also called the Death Railway, this a harzadious 2,000 mile route. It us called the death Railway due to the more than 100,000 workers who died during its construction.

5. Aso Minami Route in Japan.

This is the world's most beautiful and dangerous railway route as it passes through Japan's most active volcanic region.

6. 'Tren a las Nube' in Argentina.

This word means Train to the clouds. The railway is built at over 13,850 feet above the sea level.

7. White Pass And Yukon Route in USA.

Located in Alaska, USA,

8. Cumbres And Toltec Scenic Road in New Mexico.

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