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Killer Religion In Murang'a Has Caused The Death Of One Believer After Battling Long Time Illness

A woman in Murang'a has departed into the land of the none living after she refused to go to hospital for treatment of her illness.

The visible signs of ill health is what made most of her neighbours to get concerned and advised her to visit a nearby hospital for treatment to her ailments.

However she was quick to turn down the suggestion from her concerned neighbours and friends. According to sources the woman was a staunch follower of one local religious practice at her town that are known to discourage it's followers from going to hospital.

Most of the followers from this organisation believe that only serious prayers and changing will deliver them from disease and bad health.

Several instances like this particular one have been reported even during the Polio vaccination campaign, health officers have reported cases of hostility from such parents of this weird religion that is turning out to be the number one killer of it's followers.

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