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Hilarious Drama As Nakuru Man Reportedly Returns Home, Finds Wife Sired Child With His Brother


A man in Mugwathi village in Bahati district, Nakuru County has found himself in an awkward situation after he returned home from self-exile in Mombasa only to find his wife raising a child sired by his brother.

The man, only known as Njeru, in his 40s, is reportedly said to have stormed out of his home in a self-righteous rage, never to be seen after a disagreement with his parents, close to five years ago.

This was after his parents stood against his decision to send his wife packing, following a marital tiff they two had. 

In a fit of fury, Njeru packed and left for Mombasa, leaving his wife with their two children at his parent’s home.

While in Mombasa, it is believed he remarried and was domiciled in the coastal town for the five years.

Rumours that Njeru had remarried broke his first wife’s heart. She is said to have begun misbehaving, and even took the game a notch higher by fooling around with two of Njeru's brothers- separately.

“Njeru’s two brothers did not waste time; they secretly began having illicit liaisons with his wife separately without any of them knowing what the other was up to,” reveals a neighbour who refuses to be quoted.

It is believed she conceived after sleeping with both of them. Much later, after waiting for Njeru to return in vain, his first wife packed, left the homestead and married another man.

Njeru’s marriage to his second wife in Mombasa is said to have begun falling apart due to unknown reasons.

Inability to hold together his marriage with the Mombasa woman, coupled with news that the expectant wife he left at home gave birth, and he had not had a chance to see the baby forced him to flee Mombasa and return back home with plans to reunite with his estranged first wife.

Come-we-stay basis

He was shocked that the once submissive and respectful woman was not interested in him anymore, and that in fact she had moved elsewhere to get remarried.

His inquiries led him to where she was staying with another man.

After a few weeks of convincing and lies, through intermediaries, that he was kidnapped and had only been released, the woman gave in. Strangely, the man who had married her did not put up any resistance when Njeru demanded his wife back, seeing as she was living with him on a come-we-stay basis.

Considering the woman had left Njeru’s home when the child was young, nobody bothered to scrutinise the child’s resemblance to one of Njeru’s brother.

It was during reconciliation and in his bid to get back his wife that Njeru discovered the child in question was actually not his but his brother’s, if the facial features were anything to go by.

“From the shape of the nose, the forehead and many other facial features, the child resembled one of Njeru’s brothers,” an informer revealed to MkenyaNews. An embarrassed Njeru, for fear of being ridiculed, has since abandoned his original home and settled in Umoja-Lanet estate, Nakuru County with his first wife with their two children together with the one sired by his brother.

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