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Worrying Details How Rich Women Are Luring Young Men Into Indecent Behavior in Mombasa

One organization has come to the rescue of a group young men in Mombasa who were found to have opted for engaging in indecent behavior with old ladies. According to one of them, the covid-19 pandemic pushed them to the wall and being drug addicts, they had to find a way out. One of the ambassadors of change, Shawn Dallas, narrated how the women lure young men.

Photo: Shawn Dallas, Advocate of Change (Courtesy)

He gave worrying details of how the boys join the club dubbed 'Ben Ten'. His friend revealed the secrets behind the it. He said that for one to belong to the group, they have to register with an amount of 500 Kenyan shillings and the group leader links them to the sugar mammies .

This has since caused a lot of concern among many parents in Mombasa who feared that their children might be lured into the same.

The organization came forward to the rescue of the boys and tried to educate them on the dangers of engaging in such behavior. It started a self help group for them where they use their abilities and talents to earn a living.

The boys are now the ambassadors of change and are calling upon any young men who got into the behavior and drug abuse to stop then join the group for a better life and future.

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