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Mystery Surrounds Brutal Lady Who Assaulted Her Ex-Employer's Kids As The Following Issues Emerge

Gladys Naliaka Nalianya shall remain in the annals of history as the most cruel lady ever Witnessed in Kenya for attacking and brutalizing the innocent kids of her employer. According to the viral video, the brutal lady was seen stepping on the head of the helpless child apart from hitting him with a huge stick.

It's reported that the beast-like lady ran away from residential area of her employer in Dolhom in Nairobi after doing that brutal act to the innocent kids. The dehumanizing clip led to the public outcry from Kenyans demanding the security agents to intervene and arrest the lady over the crime. 

Luckily, the DCI team pounced on her in Eldoret town while he was probably traveling towards Kiminini in Bungoma County where is believed to be her home ground . It's said the lady narrowly escaped a mob from the angry residents who were aware about the same heinous act since it was all over the online platforms.

Perhaps, there has been a mystery surrounding the life and relationship of the perpetrator of the brutality and her employer. But according to the emerging issues, the lady assaulted the employer's children as a way of revenging against her.

It's said Gladys Naliaka Nalianya was not working anymore in the same family when she was brutalizing the ex-employer's kids. According to the certified sources, the lady got angered over sudden dismissal from her employer and therefore she plotted in her 'exile' on how to come and revenge against her ex-boss while she was not around.

At the moment, the criminal is within police custody, waiting to be arraigned in court of law on Monday. Many people are calling upon the court not to give her any bail or bond, but to punish her by jailing her for many years.

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