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Doctors Finally Recoverd A Cell Phone From A Prisoner Who Allegedly Swallowed

A Kosovo surgeon has declared that he managed to remove a mobile phone from the stomach of a prisoner who swallowed the entire device. A 33-year-old man was captured and thrown behind the bars but he later complained about the issue of stomach pain and he was admitted to Pristina university hospital gastroenterology clinic. The doctor examined the patient and he removed the gadget using endoscopic means simply because the patient was supposed to be sent to the prison without any openings in his body.

The patient revealed that he decided to take such an option so that he will communicate with his wife while in prison because he will be locked up for several months. The police officers are still investigating the issue of how the prisoner managed to smuggle the gadget to the prison and warned those who are communicating with the prisoners will face the consequences of the law.

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