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Uproar as Elderly Man is Beaten Up for Insulting Mourners While Drunk

Screengrab from video/ courtesy.

Elderly Man Beaten Up for Allegedly Insulting Mourners at a Funeral (Video)

There has been an uproar on social media after a video was shared of an elderly man being whipped by another man presumed to be younger that the victim, for allegedly being disrespectful to his fellow villagers.

The yet to be identified man was accused of throwing insults at mourners attending a local funeral, while he was intoxicated.

Screengrab from video/ courtesy.

In the undated video that has been shared on several social media platforms, the elderly man is forced to lie down before he is descended on his buttocks with several lashes of a good cane.

Distinct voices from spectators are heard cheering on as the victim is beaten up.

Unable to hold on to it anymore, the poor fella made a run for it to save his dear life, disappearing into the banana plantations.

Screengrab from video/ courtesy.

The video has drown a lot of controversy online, with majority of people shaming those behind the torturous punishment as “lack of respect for the elderly.”

Many who were against what they termed as corporal punishment, argued that if indeed the victim was to be punished, then his fellow elderly or age mate should have been chosen to administer it.

What is your take?

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