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RIP: A Young Man Electrocuted While Washing His Bodaboda

Electricity is a form of energy which involves the flow of electrons. The main source of electricity is water. Most of the electricity we consume today comes from different power stations across the country that contain huge amount of water that is used to turn the turbines that produce electricity.

A young boda boda rider has been electrocuted as he tried to wash his boda boda along Kanduyi-Malaba road in Bungoma County. It is said that the Kenya Power and Lightning Company cable was live and passing through the water which he used to wash his motorcycle. This information has shocked many people as they condemn the KPLC for endangering the life's of the residents. It is always the role of KPLC to ensure that all his properties are linked and connected well. May the soul of the departed rest in peace.

Electricity is very dangerous and can lead to death if tampered with. It is always advisable for everyone to care and maintain the electrical appliances safely.

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