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Theft robbery

Increase in criminal activities in our communities

Crimes in our communities have increased leading to many deaths of our yong people. Many teens and youths are getting involved in criminal activities due to -:

a. Poverty

- Due to lack of school fee's many children are unable to go to school therefore engaging themselves in theft and other immoral activities.

- Young people find themselves stealing inorder to provide for their families.

b. Bad influence

- Teens and youths are joining group's that are involved in criminal activities.The rise of this group's has influenced many young people from straying from the right path.

- Bad company of friends has also led to increase in crime.

c. Use of drugs

- Young people are influenced by drug abuse. Most of them are forced to steal inorder to afford the drugs.

- Due to the effects of drug abuse people find themselves killing each other unintentionally or without mercy.

- It has led to increase of school dropouts that end up becoming pickpockets.

*. Young people want to leave comfortable but they don't want to work so they turn to crime for a better lifestyle.

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