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44 Years Lady Begs The Man Who Assaulted Her Sexualy To Be Her Boyfriend

Karen Lina popularly known as Princess is a 44-year-old woman, where two years ago she was raped by a stranger early in the morning while she was exercising.

She said, '' I tried to persuade someone who raped me to be lovers instead of treating me badly and I even agreed to give him my phone numbers''.

"I remember telling the man that he was going to church and that he was willing to take whatever he wanted in his wallet but he did not agree."

I had been living in the area for about three months, every day between 6am and 6:30 pm I was practicing. I was never afraid, the area was safe so I did not have to worry about walking that time. " recalls Lina.

This should be a reminder to all those with such criminal behaviour to stop because doing so is actually a violation of human rights.

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Karen Lina


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