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Road Accident

Emergency Ambulances Are Causing More Road Accidents (Photos)

As you all know accidents are things that happen mysteriously and unwillingly. There are things we have no control over and we can only hope for the best after they have happened or occurred. Ambulances I meant to help sick people during the time of emergency transfers from one hospital to another or from home to the hospital's just to help save time and help save a life. Lately, in Kenya, there has been a lot of local news from all over the media houses reporting the involvement of ambulances in fatal road accidents. This has raised a lot of concerns about the safety of citizens. Many have wondered how on Earth the cases of ambulances causing accidents has increased in recent days. Is it that the ambulance drivers are becoming more careless or are they driving while drunk. These questions can only be answered by the drivers themselves. All they should know is that they are always on the verge of helping a dying person and their lives usually depend on it. It is high time the government of Kenya through collaboration with the hospitals ensure that their drivers pass the tests well and are capable people who respect human lives. What are your thoughts on the rising number of cases of drivers of ambulances causing more road accidents? Kindly share with us your opinion in the comment section below. Please do not forget to heat the above follow button for more important updates.

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