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Man Killed in the US for Murder Related Charges!

A man named Brandon has been executed in the USA following his role in murder of a couple in 1999.It is reported that the man who was 18 at the time, along with other four members of a gang were involved in a robbery and killing of the two victims.

On June 21 1999, a gang of boys requested for a ride from two youth ministers Todd and Stacie Bagley who were driving from church. After they got admitted into the car, one of them Vialva, pointed a gun at them and ordered them to get into the trunk of the car. They drove the car for several hours as they tried to rob from the couple using their ATM card.

Brandon in his cell

Photo: BBC World News

Later on, Vialva parked the car in a Fort Hood in a military reservation, ordered one of the members to open the trunk, and fired at the two victims shooting Todd in head and Stacie on the face. He then ordered Brandon to set the car on fire to destroy the evidence. It is believed that Todd died instantly from the gun shot while Stacy died eventually from inhaled smoke after the car was set on fire by Brandon. This is according to the evidence that was submitted to the court jury.

After the incident, the culprits tried to escape using a different car but got stuck in the mud. The police arrested them and they were later arraigned in court. Three of the gang members, Brown, Lewis and Sparks who were under the age of 18 were classified as juveniles and were therefore sentenced to a term in jail and later released. However, Brandon and his counterpart Vialva were sentenced to death for the murder charges they were involved in. Their execution had remained pending since the abolishing of federal execution in 2003 until 2020 when it was resumed.

The execution was done through lethal injection in the penitentiary in Indiana. Before his death the man sent his last words to the victim's family saying he was sorry. Brandon joins the list of inmates who have been executed under Trump's regime after Christopher Vialva who was executed in September following his crime in shooting the couple. Both Brandon and Vialva belonged to the same gang named 212 PIRU Bloods Gang. However, Vialva is believed to have been the leader while Brandon was a low ranked member.

Photo: BBC World News

The executions come after US President Donald Trump restarted the death penalty sentence in the US bringing to an end a 17 year hiatus in federal executions. According to New York Times, the US government is planning to finalize all the pending executions before the inauguration of the president elect Joe Biden in January 2021. If this is done, there will be a total of 13 executions since its resumption in the US in July 2020.

Several humanitarians had come out to defend Brandon from the penalty including reality TV star Kim Kardashian who was lobbying for Brandon to be commuted from the penalty and instead be jailed for life. She had conducted several campaigns on social media on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram requesting the public to send messages to President Trump to pardon the culprit.News have emerged that she is studying to become a lawyer in the US.

Others who were defending the culprit are five of the jury members who had since confessed regretting for issuing a death sentence to the culprit instead of a life imprisonment and other notable persons in the US. The execution was delayed for two hours as Brandon's lawyers tried to convince the Supreme Court Judges udges to commute him. However, their efforts seems to have fallen in vain as the execution went on as planned.

Many countries in the world have since abolished death penalty after a number of intervention efforts by Human rights organizations, defenders, agencies, philanthropists and Humanitarians. In the US the federal execution was abolished in 2003 but was resumed in July 2020. However, the President elect Joe Biden has promised to abolish federal execution in the US once sworn in as the president in January 2021.

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