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Kenya's Most Feared Killer Cops Who Were Described As Faceless And Every Thug's Worst Nightmare

They were plain-clothes police officers who entered deep inside the slums where uniformed officers feared walking because it were home to hardcore and notorious criminals that killed at the slightest provocation. The mention of them being in the vicinity sent young adult males thugs scampering for safety. However, to the residents of Mathare, Eastleigh and Pangani among other crime hotspot areas where they served, they were Godsend due to their proven records of tackling gangsters head on.

The well-known crime busters identified as ‘Hessy’, were described as typical faceless cops because no one would predict or even tell who were they. The thug's hell who were under this squad gone by the social media handles Hessy wa Dandora, Hessy wa Kayole and Hessy wa Eastlando among others.

If they suspected a thug, they'd send warnings to them to change their ways. But if warned criminal didn't comply with the given directive, it would not be as usual because they killed many criminals. The most killer police officers traversed Nairobi’s crime-stricken low-income neighbourhoods like colossuses. Source, Nation news.

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