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Zora: Autopsy Results For Oliver Chibale Released After Zora Pays Bail For Nana

On today's episode of Zora series, Nana will still be locked up in the cells as the prime suspect in the murder of Mr Oliver Chibale.

One police officer orders her to call her family and inform them that she is headed to jail. She calls her mother but her sister angrily informs her that their mother died 6 months ago and she should never call the family again because she never bothered when her mother was sick.

Zora on the other hand visits her father Mzee Simba and begs him to help her bail Nana out since she is innocent.

Mzee Simba insists that Zora should let the police do their work. However, Zora begs him not to let Nana spend the night in police custody.

After a few hours, Zora goes to the police station to bail Nana out. Nana is in disbelief and hugs Zora. They both happily head to Nana's house where Zora reveals that she had to give out her dad's title deed for Nana to be released.

At the Chibales home, the police bring the postmoterm examination results of Oliver Chibale which show that he died from a heart attack. Aunt Loretta insists that her brother was killed and didn't die from a heart attack.

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