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Road Accident

Common Traffic Offenses And Penalties In Kenya

The national transport and safety authority this was a body established to try bring sanity on the kenyan roads. The main aim of this move was to try to reduce the accidents on the roads. It's funny how in kenya, we citizens have to be pushed to obey the law. Below are the most common Offenses that land many kenyans on the wrong side of the law with the authorities.

1. A learner without the 'L' sign.

If you are still in a driving school it's advisable to always have the 'L' sign on your car. This also applies to the people who are fresh graduates from a driving school. The 'L' sign should be clearly indicated on the front an d rear sides of your car. The sign helps people understand that you are not a professional driver and they ought to be careful with you.

Failure to have this sign is eligible to a fine of Ksh 1000.

2. Driving while texting or making a call.

Using your phone while driving obviously interferes with your concentration and you can cause an accident when you don't concentrate while driving.

This offense attracts a fine of Ksh 2000 or landing you in jail.

3. Picking and dropping passengers at undesignated areas,.

Did you know that many people get knocked down while alighting from vehicles on the road. It is an offense to drop of passengers anywhere other than the bus terminal.

This offense attracts a fine of Ksh 3000.

4. Psv Drivers and touts not wearing uniforms and carrying identification budges.

Mostly drivers should wear a blue uniform and the touts a maroon one.

If caught without the uniform is an offense that attracts a fine of Ksh 3000 per head.

5. 3rd party insurance cover and general insurance cover.

A public service vehicle isn't allowed to operate on any kenyan road without an insurance to cater for the passengers incase of an accident.

If caught without this is an offense that attracts a fine of Ksh 10000 or a jail sentence.

6. Driving license Offenses

You should stick to the vehicle' class you trained for in the driving school, failure to do so attracts a fine of Ksh 7000

One should also renew the license from time to time, failure to which attracts a fine of Ksh 7000 if caught with an expired one.

If caught without a driving license while driving one is charged a fine of Ksh 1000.

7. Unauthorized Psv driver

When you allow someone who isn't qualified to drive your vehicle just know that you have to pay a fine of Ksh 5000 if he or she is caught by the police.

8. Overspeeding the speed limit.

9. Driving while drunk.

10. Ignoring the police and traffic signs.

Be a good citizen follow the rules and regulations and always remember every life of your fellow road users is valuable.

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