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Road Accident

'I am worried' Akothee Says As She Suggests Several Ways Expressway Accidents Could Be Reduced

The second accident to happen at Nairobi Expressway has left musician Akothee worried. She has been a frequent user of the new highway.

Last evening, a matatu belonging to Embasava sacco rammed into the toll booth and another vehicle after the driver reportedly lost control.

The incident comes barely two weeks after another accident happened at the same spot.

According to Akothee, there are several changes and regulations that should be introduced or else more lives will be lost and property damages.

Only those who are fit to drive there should be allowed. This can be achieved by introducing alcoblow to eliminate drunkard drivers.

More labelling should be done to ensure that drivers do not guess the directions. Akothee says that she becomes paranoid whenever she see her driver not sure about where to turn in the expressway.

Another suggestion is the erection of bumps near every toll station. This will force drivers to slow down as they approach the tolls. If not, more innocent lives such as expressway employees will be lost.

Akothee also believes that Kenyans are not yet ready to enjoy the freedom of driving without speed limits. She says that the speed limit should be brought to 80km/hr.

"We appreciate the efficiency, effectiveness and convenience expressway has brought. Yes we are happy to reach our destinations in 10 minutes but not ready to end lives in 5 minutes," she raised her concern.

What do you think will best solve the situation before it gets out of control?

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