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Dramatic Scenes as University Student is Drugged by a Lady Seeking Directions in Nairobi CBD

Incidents of men getting robbed after being stupefied by drinks and other various means have been on the rise in the country especially in clubs around the country where women use this means to rob men of various valuables.

Picture courtesy. Image from Nairobi CBD.

A Technical University of Kenya student was almost robbed by a lady who had stopped to ask for directions from him in Nairobi's Central Business District.

According to Citizen News, the young man was on his way home from class when he was approached by the lady as he was crossing Haille Sellasie Avenue.

The lady is said to have stopped the young man and told him that he was in the City for an interview but the person she was supposed to meet had disappeared.

The lady, according to the man, moved too close to the man after which, before he could make sense of what was going on, had started to feel dizzy.

Luckily, a traffic cop was nearby and the young man staggered to him and this is what saved him from being robbed.

After regaining consciousness, he was advised to seek medical attention from various curious onlookers.

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