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People Who Died While Trying To Take Deadly Photos

Because of how great or mind blowing the finished product would look, many individuals would go to any extent to capture the perfect snap or selfie without minding their safety. Some do not even realize that they may be taking their final shots.

1. Andrey Retrovsk

Audrey was a 17-year-old Russian teenager who loved to take deadly pictures. His photographing techniques caused his family to be concerned about his safety.

He needed to take a picture for the gram, so he climbed a 9 story building and raped himself at the top with a rope, but the rope failed him, and he plummeted into the shrubbery below, where he later died in a clinic.

2. Yongning Wu

Wu was a Chinese roof topper who used to record himself live at dangerous heights on regular basis. This was his way of earning income to cater for his bills.

He became the director of Huayuan International Center on November 8th. Wu was later seen in the film attempting to lift his body back up, but he has lost his grasp and fell, leading to his death.

3. Jamshaid Khan.

Jamshaid was 22 years old at the time. He was a railroad station employee who believed it would be appropriate to shoot an amazing photograph there. He died while attempting to take a picture of a train approaching him.

4. Oscar Reyes

#selfieolympics was a trend that encouraged people to take risky or daring photos and upload them online for the approval of social media users. Oscar was one of the people that died as a result of this experiment. After snapping a photo of himself dressed as SpongeBob and receiving over many likes on

Facebook, he felt it would be incredible to push this test further. Oscar climbed to the top of his doorway, costume on, and had the choice of taking a picture in the mirror. Oscar was later found on the floor of his bathroom dead. It's widely alleged that his fall caused him to hit his head against the latrine.

4. Xenia Ignatyeva

Xenia thought it would be fun to snap a funny shot at the top of a railroad crossing in 2014. She eventually lost her balance on the extension and fell, and when she reached for the electrical link to save herself, she was electrocuted and fell dying at the spot.

5. Anna Ursu

Anna and a friend headed out to a train station to snap a selfie. She sat at the front of the train and lifted her leg in a posture that caused her to come into touch with a live wire. Anna was shocked by a voltage of almost 27,000 volts. She later passed away in a hospital emergency room.

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