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Happening Now: Passengers Stranded In Nairobi As Vehicles Are Stuck On Heavy Traffic Jam

We always see most of the evening times as being affected by the heavy traffic jam. This is always because of the rush hour as most of people are traveling back home from their work places. This will create a heavy traffic jam in the roads leading of the capital.

Now,any of the passengers are stuck at the Kaka House in OTC main stage.

We have very lengthy lines as these passangers are lining up eagerly waiting for these public service vehicles to come. The challenge is they are stuck in the heavy traffic jam.

These people have no otherwise but only to stand on these lines for hour even sometimes hours. This is a problem that will not soon be solved. To be on a safer side, one need to come off work as early as possible inorder not be caught up with this evening traffic jam.

This is happening in the main stages in the Nairobi city. We don't if one day this problem will b solved.

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Kaka House Nairobi OTC


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