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Online Reaction After a Civilian Police Officer Allegedly Assault Fellow Officer In Uniform (VIDEO)

There was online reactions after city blogger Robert Alai uploaded a video allegedly to be of a civilian police officer assaulting his fellow officer in uniform.

According to the video, the civilian officer was drunkard who kept disturbing the other police man pulling his collar.

He demanded to be taken to Karen police post because of the reasons he knew better.

The officer official attire tried to play cool but the drunkard man kept on pushing him insisting to be taken to a police station.

Seemed fed up with his persistent disturbance, the office in uniform pushed him to the ground forcefully.

People on the background are heard saying he wanted taken in to police cell because he had hit a possibly a pedestrian or something.

Click here to watch the video.

Silvans Sokel, “This is unacceptable. The impunity and arrogance displayed by police officers shows just why crime is here to stay. Then the policeman seems to see other in uniform as an intruder from another jurisdiction who should not question his conduct.”

More to follow...

Content created and supplied by: Jchacha (via Opera News )

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