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Greater than Money Heist and Prison Break

Have you been wondering who is the greater planner between Michael Scofield a character from prison break and Professor from money heist? Well I know how long this argument will last if one tries to prove his/her badass character, though to me ill always go with Michael Scofield at any time.

But hey have you watched Arsen Lupin yet? If you haven’t then stop reading and go watch first this article ma contain spoilers.

Lupin is like a combination of Michael Scofield and Professor, he is the mastermind of planning, and mind games his talent is way out of Professor league, but Lupin and Scofield is a topic of its own.  The only common things both characters have is that they are both enemy of the government, Lupin a greater thief, Michael Scofield escaping prison with notorious criminals and Professors taking hostages in order to execute his plans.

But who will hate the hero even though he is the villain in the story?

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