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Woman Narrates How Greed Led Her To Prison For 7 Years

Lack of satisfaction is something that can lead to so much trouble. Rita Achieng from Western takes us through her epic.

Rita is a young lady and is a mother of 1. She went to school normally and after becoming an adult, she left for Nairobi to better her life. She was favoured she even travelled to Dubai and Qatar in search of greener pastures. After travelling back to the country, she was doing well financially and her child was living a good life.

However, she met new friends who introduced her to weird behaviour. Rita had money but she wanted more. She had even signed a contract in Canada as a caregiver and was waiting for time to fly there. While on wait, her friends introduced her to drugging men in popular clubs and robbing them of money and expensive gadgets.

The fact that a habit is a disease made her stick to the behaviour of yearning for more money. They would dress to kill and go to popular clubs, trap those who seem rich drug them find a way to get their pin and transfer all the money. They even stole ATM cards which they took from a certain colleague who would later transfer the cash found.

Unfortunately, her 40th day came and she was arrested in Nyeri while still in the business. She was later convicted to 7 years of Imprisonment leaving all her riches behind. What she regrets most is shutting down the opportunity to fly to Canada because of her Greed. She is still serving her sentence in Langata and she has learnt her lesson the hard way.

She says that prison is not a joke and that freedom is a great thing to have. She urges people to be satisfied with what genuinely belongs to them and avoid bad company to stay out of trouble. In conclusion, she asks for forgiveness for everyone she wronged at any point in her life.

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