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16-Year-Old Kakamega Girl Saved From Marriage to 40-Year-Old Man

Incidents of young girls being married to older people have been on the rise in the country with the government urging people to abstain from this vice which is against the law.

The government, through the National Police Service and the Non Government Organizations as well as human rights defenders have been at the forefront of helping put an end to these cases that have been on the rise.

This morning, according to reliable reports from Citizen TV News, a 16 year old girl from Kakamega has been saved from an early marriage to a 40 year old man in Nairobi County.

The young girl is said to have been married off to the man through her aunt who was living with her in Kakamega.

The man and the young girl moved to Nairobi where they have been living for close to a year before well wishers stepped in and helped her escape the evil man.

The girl was a student at a primary school in Kakamega before her aunt is said to have made her quit before marrying the young girl off.

The girl was just 16 years old when the man took her to Nairobi where they have been living as husband and wife under unclear circumstances.

The man is yet to be arrested but the girl is now in safe hands and will be helped get back to school and complete her studies.

The girl from Kakamega is now safe and she hopes that such can never befall another victim as per the reports that we have with us.

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