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Sakaja Under Fire From Politicians As He Is Forced to Defend Self Over Sparing Noisy Churches

Johnson Sakaja, the governor of Nairobi, was compelled to explain his choice to exempt churches from the campaign against noise pollution on Friday, December 2.

Sakaja said that allegations of noise pollution against houses of worship, including mosques and churches, in Nairobi residential areas would be addressed in due time.

He added that prior to outlawing "keshas," or night church services, his government made the decision to consult with all pertinent parties about the issues raised.

"Neither did we start by shutting down the nightclubs. Over time, we communicated with them, and while the majority complied, some didn't, so we intervened, Sakaja said.

"We will speak with churches and mosques, and we are requesting that they exercise consideration. Order will be maintained.

Kileleshwa Ward Representative Robert Alai reiterated his comments, claiming that communication will assist to find a solution to the issue amicably.

"The solution is to start with communication, even invite them again, and only use enforcement when discussion fails," he said.

After pressure from a variety of sources mounted on the Governor to include churches in the crackdown, Sakaja responded.

The critics maintained that noise pollution, particularly in residential areas, should have been handled from churches and other establishments.

Why are churches permitted to create noise on a Friday night while Saturday and Sunday are the days of worship? Churches ought to be located outside of residential areas rather than inside of them. A person on social media stated, "The building must fulfill the criteria, not iron sheets.

"People ought to worship by themselves. Speaking engagements outside of churches ought to stop. Mosques should stop making noise as well. The year is 2022. Another user added, "You don't have to wake me up with your loud announcements if you want to get up and go pray.

"I won't shut down the churches. They should spread the word about the importance of following laws and regulations. We must be reasonable and considerate of one another in the city, so I will approach them and start a conversation "The governor made the announcement on December 1st.

Sakaja had previously commanded the cancellation of all nightclub licenses in Nairobi's residential districts. The Nairobi County chief declared that by shielding citizens from noise pollution, he was determined to restore peace to the city.

Content created and supplied by: ThomasSankaraJnr (via Opera News )

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