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Leadership Wrangles Among Administration Police Officers Emerge Leaving Two Dead In Nyamira County

Leadership Wrangles among various different sits have been experienced since from the past in various counties in the world.

Kenya for example as a country has also experienced this problem, there are some leaders who don't want to leave their positions for others. And this end up to be a real conflict which some times leads to serious injuries and loss of life.

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On a recent post that was shared on Facebook social media account, the reports indicate that two officers in Nyamira county exchanged guns shots leading to their current death after misunderstandings rose between them.

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According to the reports the one officer was protesting over a transfer news in his current work. He did not want to leave his current work place hence led to misunderstandings between him and his senior.

They exchanged guns shot killing each other and leaving other officers who were trying to cool them down sustaining serious injuries.

Facebook photos courtesy

Facebook photos courtesy

Netizens have elicited mixed reactions others blaming the leadership of Nyamira County.

What is your view concerning this tragic death between this two officers.

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