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Road Accident

"RIP" One Dies On The Spot After A Tragic Accident Between A Lorry And Motorbike At City Cabanas

The residents around the City Cabanas are in deep shock after an accident that occurred this morning. It is reported that the accident involved a collision between a motorbike and a Lorry.

According to the Sikika Road Safety Facebook page, the motorbike rider died on the spot. "Happening now at city cabanas ......the Boda Boda rider has died on the spot," Sikika Road Safety.

These are some of the comments from netizens;

"Too sad. Unfortunately, Boda riders always think they are right on the roads. They are always in a hurry and don't observe traffic rules," Job

"'s also important for these Boda guys to know their overtaking position," Antony

"Sikika ROAD Safety our brothers are dying every day. I don't think we can finish a day without a rider accident. I have been saying whether we accept it or not, the boda boda should not operate on highways and no one sees this point as it matters. But the more it takes them on highways the high the death rate and accidents rates will increase." Lawrence


Boda riders are advised to always wear their helmets to avoid being hit on the head when an accident occurs. They should know that trucks take time to break, hence they are advised to be careful whenever they spot a truck on the road.

Traffic rules are also important. Reckless driving can lead to tragic accidents which result in untimely deaths.

We are in the rainy season where roads are relatively slippery. Drivers are therefore advised to take note of this to avoid sliding and causing accidents.

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